DANGEROUS DOUG HARPER                                                                                                                                                                       PEOPLE, PLACES, AND A SONG ABOUT GRETCHEN WILSON                                                                                                                                      BUY IT NOW - BUY IT NOW - BUY IT NOW - BUY IT NOW                                                                                                                                   THIS CD IS ALSO AVAILABLE AT CAVENERS IN NEVADA, MISSOURI


1. Intro   2. Gretchen Wilson     3. Daily Steve     4. The Beach     5. Kendra the Video Girl     6. We Hate Braughan                                                7. I Found Myself a Monkey (Guitar World Mix)    8. When Tomorrow Is Gone (Unplugged)     9. Daily Steve (Unplugged)                                            10. Gretchen Wilson (Unplugged)      11. Taxi     12. Kendra the Video Girl (Video Mix)    13. I Found Myself a Monkey (Karaoke)                                14. Gretchen Wilson (Smelter Hill Mix)    15. Outro