In case you did not hear yet, Purple Shed Records recently purchased Stonebridge records. With that they got a few new artists and bands added to our roster! We are very excited to welcome aboard the group Veritas among one of them! Veritas is made up from some of the original members of the band Kent Street. Kent Street as it was, has separated since the original members now live hundreds of miles away from each other and it has become impossible to support the band over the distance. Veritas is founded from Jared Pate and Matt Taylor, and their new project will include some of the tracks that, originally, were to be released on Kent Street's debut album. With all that said the new Veritas EP should be available in early December, and the first single available prior to that. Calvin, from Kent Street, is also in another Project out of Springfield, Missouri, and they are definitely worth checking out. Make sure to check out Veritas, by visiting their myspace at



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