History of Purple Shed Records

Many years before 1994, a band called Crazy Julie had been practicing in a small shed behind the bands singer and guitarist’s home on Smelter Hill in Nevada, Missouri. It was years later that Julie, and Oscar Nikodim had a son that would soon become a part of a rock band called "Num Nutz". The band was cleverly named by Crazy Julie herself, and in which, they also would begin practicing in the very same shed many moons later. The Num Nutz Band was born in January of 1994, begin recording demos in the shed in 1995, and later the band would begin gigging in 1996. Just before the bands prime, in the winter of 1997, they went to Cave Art Studios, and recorded an EP that was titled "enguardi noix". The EP was to be released the next spring to the areas public on; you guessed it, Purple Shed Records. The label was formed loosely just as a means to pay tribute to their practice pad for a few years before they got their own practice house. The house came after way too many parties during the days at 1126 in the garage turned practice room at the rhythm guitarists’ home in Nevada, Missouri. The need for more space as the band grew to five members, girlfriends, groupies, Josh the Manager, Peanut the Light man, Sim the trumpet player, Randy the Camera man, and the list goes on of names that were working with the band and often at practice. Many observers were also showing up to watch the guys practice and the main cause of the search for a better facility, and closed practice sessions. In 1998 the band quit performing and some of the members all started working new musical projects and the label name sit dormant. Through the years following Dangerous Doug Harper, founder of PSR and other guitarist for the Num Nutz band, had continued to use the name on all of his recordings and CD's that he put out at his shows, and later during rough times he almost brushed the label under the rug when an unusual event happened. Doug went on tour with a country band and won a few thousand dollars while gambling at a casino, not to mention the fact that he was getting a fat steady paycheck from the band. At that time he had also been in the process of putting together a major national CD release. This boosted the promotions, also some bands paid in to get their songs out to radio, and all this got the "Bands from the Back 40" compilation CD out to the masses, and Purple Shed Records off the ground. In 2008 Doug Harper purchased another label called Stonebridge Records and merged it with Purple Shed. There is lots of work still left to do but the labels are sure to be on their way up. As of 2008 Purple Shed / Stonebridge has released 21 CD projects, and plans on about 4 CDs per year for the next three years.